Monthly Archives: December 29, 2015


Tips for Blocking Sweat Stains

Sweating is your body’s natural activity. It helps the body to cool down after engaging in different types of activities—starting from early morning exercise to sleeping. When the muscles of your body starts to heat up, over two million underlying sweat glands in your skin will start to produce fluid. This activity of your body… Read more


Most Expensive Fashion Movements of 2016

Most Expensive Fashion Movements of 2016 It positively is alluring to be able to manage to pay for all those expensive items there is to offer. Some of us are just lucky enough to afford the glorious, luxurious and pleasurable things in this world. The fashion world has new trends for this year, shrugging off… Read more


How to Stay Green in Texas Heat

Consumers nowadays are becoming smarter and more aware of the impact we have on our environment. That is one reason why most people are turning to greener options when it comes to energy, food and now even in clothing. Texas is one of the places in the country where people are starting to shift from… Read more