About Me

Joey Monroe, aka Spicy Peanut. Why do they call me Spicy Peanut? Try being a 5’4″ fashionable eccentric man and not having some height related nickname getting attached to you. The name Spicy being deemed to me for the fashionable eccentric part, obviously! This blog is part of my nonstop world of fashion, green living, a constant empty wallet, and my chaotic mind. I’m 23 (I wish!), okay I’m 32! Grew up in New York (the state, not the awesome city) but I now live in the windy city, Chicago! Chi Town woot woot! Undercover business man pretending to be a broke young adult.


Even though I am very business minded, I still seem to lose track of my budgeting. Yes, I’m as bad as a 20 year old with a $20 burning through his pocket. No one’s perfect, I’m trying to learn how to better budget my life. I am all about living green, vegetarian to eco friendly shortcuts. You would think I would be a little more better with my finances with that type of lifestyle.. but then comes in my love of fashion. Yup, I’m that person who will spend a ridiculous amount on a silly pair of shoes but then won’t dish out the money for the necessities in life. Guilty. So enjoy this chaos of a blog!