How Not to Look Dumb Dancing at the Club

Sure, everyone enjoys a night out dancing with friends. Dancing is just a part of keeping the night alive. However, there are a few rules you should follow to not look dumb dancing at the club. Read on to know what exactly to avoid.

Wear the Right Outfit/Shoes
Going to the club means you want to dance. So why show up in attire you can’t dance in? This is common for women to want to show off their legs, thighs, and other areas. However, if you must hold down your skirt or consistently pull up your top, it takes away the effect of the actual dance one should be doing – wouldn’t you agree?

Shoes are another staple when it comes to fashion and dancing. While hitting a steppers set in a pair of 4+ inch heel stilettos is totally acceptable, wearing them to a hip-hop club is not. It’s a bit awkward trying to Nae Nae with heals correctly. Just dress accordingly when going out dancing.

Don’t Go Alone
Going to the club alone to dance also isn’t a good idea. To avoid looking dumb always go with a group of friends that do like to dance. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself dancing alone – horribly. If you are the only extrovert in the group, try to wiggle in with a large group of girls. Tell them your friends ditched you and you can enjoy dancing the night away with your new circle of friends. If you don’t feel comfortable sitting with them, have a solo drink at the bar. That’s perfectly acceptable.

Don’t Dance Drunk
The fastest, easiest way to look dumb dancing at the club (or anywhere for that matter) is dancing drunk.
•    You’ll start creating your own beat to dance to
•    You’ll bump into more people this way and truly annoy them
•    You could end up vomiting on yourself and the floor

The bottom line is, dancing drunk takes away your control and your ability to remember any dance moves you took all of Friday morning to learn. Know your limit and drink on Cranberry Juice and Sprite.

Keep the Provocative Dance Moves to a Minimum
There are some people that have the body and rhythm to do particular dance moves. However, there are many others who lack the talent to Twerk or Booty Pop. The purpose of these moves is to be sexy. However, class wins every time.

Watch the Videos for Instructional Songs
Just about every club you visit will have some sort of shuffle dance. These are all instructional songs, which means you should know each step or prepared to be lost (or in the way) of the crowd. Pull up YouTube or have a friend teach you popular dance moves such as The Wobble, The Cupid Shuffle, and The DLow Shuffle.

Know and Act Your Age
These days, the younger Hip Hop generation has certain dance moves such as Watch Me, The Whip, The Nae Nae, The Stanky Leg, and The Bop. These moves require flexibility and coordination. Before you get out there on the floor, can you see someone else your age shaking their knees around vigorously or wavering their arms all about? No – then stick to the traditional dance moves when these songs come on.

Follow these six tips above to avoid looking dumb while dancing at the club. Unless you plan on going out just once and never returning again, you’re bound to run into some of the same people again.

Joey Monroe

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