How to Humanize Your Video Content

In the age of digital media, it’s easy to create a virtual wall between your video content and your audience. Without a genuine connection to the people who view your content, they will turn away by the lack of a bond. When you get viewers who are emotionally invested in your video content, they will return to view whatever you release.

Use Your Name

The first step to creating a genuine connection with your audience is by introducing yourself. Using a name allows people to realize that you’re not a just a robot or an automated process. It makes you relatable and real to those that view you. Even just using your name in the video’s description will help bring you a step closer to the humanization you’re searching for.

Show Your Face

Adding a real picture of yourself, whether you’re using a professional video production company or not, to your video content works in a similar way as adding your name. It helps to break down the walls between you and your viewers. For companies that have services or products, they will have a “Meet the Team/Staff” section to showcase employees. Adding both an image and name on your video medium will help to add a real personal value to your online presence.

Listen To Community Feedback

While it’s important to not give into every piece of negative feedback that comes your way, listening to viewers within your community about constructive feedback is important to your business’s growth. Use this feedback to your advantage by interacting with your audience on their turf. Reply to comments on your video when you find it necessary and create instances where they interact with you by answering questions at the end of your video. Even find ways for them to positively interact with each other. But remember, ignore people who bring negativity to your content, they don’t deserve the acknowledgement that they’re looking for.

Create Personality for Your Content

Knowing who you are, why your content is here, and what purpose your content has is the key to creating personality. Having a consistent, genuine, and real video personality will help create a tone for your company and any future content you produce. Viewers will always know what type of quality to expect when watching content from your brand if you’ve been consistent and real with your audience in the past.

Be Active and Available

You don’t need to wait on your audience every hour of the day, but it’s important to interact and create time to be available to them. One negative side interaction will leave an audience member feeling ignored. Create a schedule that allows you to drop professional video content, comments, and interactions at particular, consistent times of the week.


The most important thing to remember when trying to humanize your video content is that everyone is human and wants a real, genuine connection with the content that they absorb. Providing professional video content that is relatable, easily accessible, and has a positive impact will help your audience to grow and flourish.

What are your top tips for humanizing video content?

Joey Monroe

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