How to Stay Green in Texas Heat

Consumers nowadays are becoming smarter and more aware of the impact we have on our environment. That is one reason why most people are turning to greener options when it comes to energy, food and now even in clothing. Texas is one of the places in the country where people are starting to shift from conventional materials to a more eco-friendly and re-usable clothing.

What to wear under the Texas Weather
For someone who is not used to the Texas heat, wearing short pants and loose fitting clothes is the best way to feel comfortable and move around without getting too hot. Materials like cotton are the most commonly used clothing material here. Not only because it is great in absorbing sweat but it also allows plenty of airflow. Because of the change in demand for a more eco-friendly, clothing new materials are becoming more popular. Luxury hemp, bamboo, organic cotton and soy cashmere are some of the best materials you can find in the market today. However if you find that these materials are bit too scarce for you then you might opt for the old and tested wool which is also renewable and eco-friendly.

Which material is best for you and the environment
Organic cotton does not differ much with conventional cotton as they are actually the same. The only difference between the two is that organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides, fertilizers and genetically engineered plants. This method not only produces the same quality as conventional cotton but it also is an ecologically responsible way of growing cotton. It uses less water and retains the soil’s natural balance.


Hemp is another material that is an ideal material for the clothing industry. It is considered as a high yielding crop. Not only does it produce a large quantity of fiber per square foot but it also requires less water. Hemp does not need any fertilizer and pesticide for it to flourish, thus it is a perfect choice of material for those people who are thinking of going green.

Bamboo produces a fiber known in the clothing industry as Ryon. It is a wrinkle resistant and washing machine safe material that can be used in all sorts of clothes. It is a perfect material for the Texas weather because it feels cool on the skin during the summer while it can retain heat during cold seasons. Bamboos can grow up to a foot per day making them an excellent source of fiber for the clothing industry.

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