Most Expensive Fashion Movements of 2016

Most Expensive Fashion Movements of 2016
It positively is alluring to be able to manage to pay for all those expensive items there is to offer. Some of us are just lucky enough to afford the glorious, luxurious and pleasurable things in this world. The fashion world has new trends for this year, shrugging off styles of last year’s fashion styles. Trends are apt to come and go, though one thing is sure enough, they describe the time of the year. So, let’s have a glimpse of the steady names of what will be embraced by the rich and famous with the most expensive fashion movements of 2016:



Oscar De La Renta. He is one of the biggest fashion designers in the fashion industry, dressing some of the biggest names in the world from Hollywood glam to politicians. His name has been cemented as a household name of the rich and famous and a forerunner of luxury labels for wedding dresses and formal wears.

Gucci. Known for its product’s quality and expensiveness, this world renowned famous Italian brand stands out as one of the frontrunners of expensive fashion movements. They own an array of expensive design items for men and women including handbags, skirts, shoes, ties and luggage. They are known for the luxury and trendy styles that everyone tries to imitate.

Louis Vuitton. Carrying the most highly renowned logo, Louis Vuitton’s handbags and accessories had been seen as a luxury brand for well-to-do A-list celebrities. The company concentrates mostly on shoes, watches, sunglasses, jewelry and accessories and is in more than 50 countries with more than 460 stores.

Chanel. The brand is continuously gaining a huge demand from the rich and famous. They are recognized for the uniqueness of their fashion line which makes the trademark stand out from its competitors. They are sought after by younger and trendier fashionistas with a demand not only on the clothing line, but also on beauty products, skin care items and superior shades.

Prada. The company is at an estimated net worth of $9.4 billion and summons the name of luxury. Prada products are a wide array including shoes, outerwear, fashion accessories and many more. They have even penetrated the electronic world with the launch of their own series of luxury mobile phones. The name will always be an ultimate trendsetter.

Dolce and Gabbana. D&G as it is commonly known has been embraced by a great number in the world. Their unique print and texture quality makes them world renowned. The product has been desired equally by both men and women and is sold in countless quantity all over the world. It was also tagged as the most expensive clothing brand in 2013.

Dior. Dior has been in existence for more than fifty years and still remains in the forefront of the fashion industry. The brand is famous for its ready-to-wear products, jewelry, accessories, footwear, fragrance, make-up and skin care products. Dior has managed to put out fashion lines that are always fresh and are not over the top.


Armani. The brand has been widely known for its seasonal variation of clothing line. Through this they have become world renowned. They have a huge range of products from perfumes to clothes and has even taken on clothing lines for kids, both male and female.


Burberry. This London based company has been in the market for more than a hundred years. Starting with selling high end outerwear. The company which opened its first store in 1891 has maintained its name as a precursor to high-end fashion.


Guess. The American denim brand has always been in fashion with its straight forward line of jeans and T-shirts. The brand is very popular among younger generations.

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