Top Things I Hated About Living in College Dorms

Living in college dorms can be a very fun experience for some people. Even though college and living in the dorms can be really cool, there are also a lot of negative aspects about living in dorms. When it comes to things that I hated about living in college dorms, the list is actually pretty short. Most of the things I hated about living in college dorms had more to do with the sanitary components of living in a dorm. Here are the top things that I hated about living in college dorms.


Lice are actually one of the worst parts about living in a college dorm. There are constantly people coming in and out of your dorm room if you have roommates that you live with. You have people you do not know coming in and sleeping on the floor or on your bed. The worst part about this is that once someone comes over who has lice, then everyone in the dorm has to be treated and you have to wash all of the bed sheets as well. I went to college out in Las Vegas and had a professional lice removal service swipe my dorm clean.


If you are someone who likes a quite night of rest or sleep, then being in a college dorm is definitely the wrong choice. At night you would have people having parties all night long or listening to music really loud. During the day there are so many people coming in and out of the dorms and laughing that it is hard to study or take a quick nap before a night out.

The Public Bathrooms

Using the public bathrooms at the dorms has to be one of the nastiest parts of living in a college dorm. When you live at home you are used to your clean and organized bathroom. Not only do the public bathrooms smell horribly most of the time, but both the men and women use them. This means that you have to deal with urine sometimes being on the floor, and you learn to always wear your shoes to the bath room.

Constant Fire Alarms

When you have a ton of people in a small area, it is guaranteed someone will end up burning their food in the middle of the night. The fire alarms would constantly be going off in the middle of the night, which was bad if you needed to sleep for an early test. It would always have to be taken seriously as well. The worst part was you could not just ignore it and then hoped that everything worked out okay.


The beds in the dorm rooms were just horrible. It did not matter how many layers of foam you tried to put on the beds to make them more comfortable either. The worst part was that the dorm beds were so hard that you would wake up with a sore back so bad that it was hard to move sometimes. The dorm beds were some of the worst I have ever used and that includes small cots from when I was younger.


These are just the top five things that I hated about living in college dorms. There are quite a few things that you will find are a lot less sanitary than when you are living at home. Noise and smells are often the worst part of living in college dorms. Even with the things that I hated, I cannot say that I regret living in college dorms during my time in school.

Joey Monroe

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