Why and How I’m Convincing All My Friends To Go Green

I associate with people who have money and are big spenders just like me. We are that class of young people who are trendy and want to look good, well-groomed, and driving fancy cars. It is a lifestyle that can take a huge chunk of our money. However, my friends are beginning to realize something peculiar about me. While I love shopping, keeping my hair and skin looking beautiful, and driving posh cars, on the other hand, I have discovered ways to be frugal. I live smartly, save money, and spend wisely. I haven’t stopped  living that luxurious lifestyle because it is who I am; however, I can save money by living frugally. Here is how I am convincing my friends to go green and switch to a frugal lifestyle.

Visit farmer’s markets to do shopping
Farm shops and farmer’s markets are great places for people to visit because we get cheap vegetables and fruits. This allows us to remain on budget in the kitchen. Getting quality produce sold at a fraction of the cost saves us money. Fresh farm produce also last for longer when stored in the fridge in the right way. The farmer’s markets are also ideal places where we can ferret around for little things like jams, arts, crafts, and preserves, which are cheap and can be attractive gifts to use in future.

We grow our own vegetables
Not many people may be of the idea of growing their own plants. However, it is something fun and keeps you busy at home when you do not want to go out. Just because I have money to spend and like looking handsome, it doesn’t mean that I cannot take the farming tools and head to my backyard garden.

Sometimes, I just feel like looking soiled and dirty as I attend the garden. It is one way to exercise the body and keep fit while also saving money and learning how to grow plants and vegetables. The garden in the backyard makes the home look beautiful and my friends adore this kind of life. I have transformed my landscape by introducing a small garden where I plant my own vegetables. I have grown herbs, leafy vegetables, garden cress, and other sprouts.

Farm accommodation or tent camping for holiday
Just because we are trying to save money, it doesn’t mean we cannot go on holiday. Nonetheless, if we opt to go to resorts, hotels, inns, or small country hotels, it is going to be expensive. I am convincing my friends to think of cheaper options like farm accommodations and tent camping. It is an adventure to go camping or seek accommodation in farm houses.

Shopping for trendy fashions off season
We love shopping but it’s expensive for the trendy things. I do my shopping at times of sale promotions  meaning I can save more. My friends find it practical to save on purchases for fashion clothes and other fancy items. I update them of the ongoing sales and promotions in fashion design clothing boutiques.

Frugal living is making us make better choices in life by saving more money while still being stylish. The small changes we have made in life allow us to have more money that we can save for the future. My friends are appreciating this kind of life and are beginning to understand the importance of being green and fashionable while leading a luxurious life.

We have made great strides in realizing our dreams and this is the high time to protect our future finances. While we can spend large sums of money now because we have the income, on the other hand, it doesn’t make sense if we aren’t saving for future.

Joey Monroe

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