Why Green is the Future

In our modern world today, fashion is a big deal to everyone, especially for teenagers who are so gaga over the latest trends and new designs. And because of this great demand to clothing and staying in with the fad, environmental issues continuously rise. And yes, the clothing industry has its fair share as to why our world is now slowly reaching its collapse.

Why and how?
Here are just a few reasons why our clothes are killing the planet. Let’s take a good look into the true cost of the fashion/clothing industry.

In Bangladesh, there is a humongous textile landfill that has turned the area (Dhaka, specifically) into a very hazardous condition for everyone living near it. In turn, children who are in the vicinity of Dhaka are malformed due to excessive use of pesticide sprays to mitigate pests lurking in cotton.

It has now become one of the biggest source of carbon emissions which causes global warming.

And as for clothing that is made out of animal skin and coat, these clothing industries are not only contributing massive amounts of carbon emissions from animals but are also wasting tons and tons of water for the consumption and maintenance of slaughterhouses.

Our environment today is becoming ill that we are now in the brink of collapse—that we come to the point where the Earth is no longer livable. We have to conserve and we have to do something about what’s happening now.

How clothing industries can help minimize the decline of the planet?
There are a lot of things that we can do to help preserve our environment while keeping the fashion industry at the peak of the economy. Here are things you can do:

Yes recycling contributes a huge part in saving the planet. Since fashion is the highlight of our modern world today, fashion industries can create a clothing design that uses organic materials. An increasing number of clothing manufacturers are switching to organic and natural way of producing clothes, using organic materials for dresses and gowns. Some of them do recycle old materials and turn it into a beautiful dress or furniture. So if they can do it, why can’t other manufacturers do?

From trash to sophisticated dress
Yes it’s possible. Why throw an old magazine out when you can turn it into a beautiful dress that can be used for pageants and fashion shows? Believe it or not, most designers in the United States do this technique to lessen their expenses in manufacturing clothes and to help save the planet of course. Garbage bags are also used for making dresses and bags; even tetra packs for making bags.

Organic materials turned into a luxurious dress
There are a lot of known brands in the United States that uses organic materials such as organic cotton and bamboo. These brands are known for their stunning dresses and cool styles that are really in fashion. Seeing the need for change, these well-educated and concerned manufacturers leave animal skin and toxic-laden cottons to organic materials. And thanks to a number of catastrophic and deadliest extreme weather encounters in the country (sarcasm intended), some companies are now deciding to switch. And hopefully, (without the need of another killer flood), the entire fashion industry would switch to organic.

Joey Monroe

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